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3 Things to Consider Before Hiring a Virtual Assistant

hiring a virtual assistant

A Virtual Assistant is exactly what it sounds like, someone who assists you through virtual means like on Skype or Facebook and etc. Apparently, this is a thing, and a popular one at that. Many employers have praised and expressed their delight and productivity in working with Virtual Assistants. Authors in the likes of Tim Ferris and Chris Ducker are among these employers that were mentioned. While a certain person work on tasks only they are capable of doing, a VA (Virtual Assistant) can help maximize time and work on tasks that are administrative.

So is there a catch? There definitely is. Finding a Virtual Assistant isn’t as easy as picking out your favorite coffee in a coffee shop nor is it as difficult as finding a needle in a haystack. According to, here are three things a person who is willing to hire a Virtual Assistant should consider before actually doing so.

  1. Readiness

No one is truly ready, but ironically, being unprepared can be bad since it can have more disadvantageous consequences. So the question is, are you ready to hire a Virtual Assistant? VA’s don’t just swoop in and assist you right away; you have to make it absolutely clear to them about what they should be doing and what their tasks exactly are. If you have already figured this out then congratulations! That’s one problem down, but if you’re still unsure about what kind of services you need or want, then you should take the time to figure it out. It will save a lot of resources (such as time, money and effort) for both you and the VA. It will also save both of you from having undesirable experiences. Remember that Clarity is important.

  1. Systemization

So since nobody is truly ready and that readiness comes at a certain degree, how do you, as employers of Virtual Assistance increase the readiness factor in the people you hire? How do you help them do better in a certain task or do a certain task the way you want it? That’s right, you create a system, not just any system but a training system. We talked about clarity in #1 and adding a training manual or session with your VA would make his or her work better fit for your tastes and would result to lesser mistakes.

  1. Urgency

In reality not everyone is cut out for the work that is given to them and some might even make you regret that you had hired them but the truth is that we are all human and sometimes mistakes are inevitable (but that’s why we get ready and make systems right? And that is to produce better results). If you were too much of a perfectionist in hiring then you might end up actually not finding anyone to hire.

A Virtual Assistant may seem like something that “Isn’t much”, but imagine this, contrast a good VA to a bad VA, how do you think your day at your job will go? Hiring a virtual assistant frees up your time so you can do more for your company or website and that is worth so much more than you might think it does. So hire a superstar VA as if he or she is the most valuable asset to your company, because the truth they are.


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  1. Moshtaq says:

    The only thing I would add to your list of interviewing tips would be to ask questions that put them on their heels. Why should I take this job? ; Where is this company going in the future? ; etc. all make the interviewer sell you rather than you having to sell yourself.