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Become A Successful Virtual Assistant: Learn the Business Side & Ditch 9 to 5 by Melissa Smith Book Review

become a successful virtual assistant

Starting any business on your own is not as easy as simply writing your name on a piece of paper. It’s more like composing an article describing a topic you totally don’t have an idea. But thanks to the technology advancement that has paved the way for the changing nature of the workforce, working remotely on your own and not just at office spaces has been made possible. However, this question only seconds to, “What things should I do to start my business successfully?”

Well, you can hire business coaches and mentors to guide you. However, that would cost you a lot of money. Plus, you won’t be able to get help from them if the training session in the contract has come to an end and it seems like there are still a bunch of questions circling on your mind. To help you get through this phase, you can get a book that will help you. Melissa Smith’s Become A Successful Virtual Assistant: Learn the Business Side & Ditch 9 to 5 can be the answer.

How can this book help an aspiring successful virtual assistant like you?

There is a lot to mention. First of all, it is covers a bunch of effective tips to help you own a virtual assistant business without spending a lot of time and money as well as getting you a client shortly. This book will help you not just how to commence your business but also on how to grow it over time. How is it possible? It is composed of a number of facts and important points everything about the business.

What makes the book more awesome is its structure. The overall composition is written in a conversational form with the use of simple words which makes it easy to understand and follow. Additionally, the organization of the important points is on the nail. It successively talks about building the business, growing it over time, maintaining it, and improving it for better outcomes.

The author was subjective to her own experience in growing business, how to answer all client queries and necessities, and how to be a good virtual assistant. However, she was practical and true to her words. She did not describe the realm of virtual assistants as a perfect landing job. It has its own setbacks, challenges, and disadvantages. However, instead of perceiving it negatively, it is best to outlook it positively by unfurling opportunities instead of downfall.

The book doesn’t just feed you with information. It also opens your mind to what’s really happening inside the world of virtual assistance and the different stages of business. It’s not perfect and each step will never be easy, but the book will teach you how to establish and maintain a business by thorough planning and apt action.

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