January 19, 2018
virtual assistant skills

What Skills Do You Need To Become A Virtual Assistant?

Virtual assistance is one of the most sought-after home-based jobs for the online market today. As its demand continuously grow, employers are seeking for applicants that acquire skills that outstand the rest. This online job requires essential clerical skills designated for its clerical tasks. Employers may entail the VA to perform a myriad of tasks that may seem to sidetrack […]
December 31, 2017
virtual assistant services

13 Services that Virtual Assistants Offer and Solopreneurs Reap Benefits From

Most solopreneurs who are tracing the development of the business in a fast-paced manner experiences the sensation of being overworked. This negatively results in the idea that work-life balance is only a fantasy. However, this misconception can be finally eradicated because virtual assistants are now here to help. Virtual assistants can not only help in handling the work piling up […]
November 3, 2017
virtual assistant experience

How To Be A Virtual Assistant With An Absolutely Zero Experience

While the office-based employment promotes bigger opportunities to people who have prolonged previous work experience, the virtual assistant world does not take this as a countenance. One can actually start as a virtual assistant even without prior experience. It may somehow be accumulated with a great deal of effort or endurance. However, the success is attainable if the heart of […]
November 3, 2017
homebased jobs

17 Jobs That Are Not Solely Home-Based But Accessible Anywhere In The World

Work can’t be only carried out in the office, co-working space, and home. It can be brought off in any place in the world as long as Wi-Fi connections are conveniently available. This is made possible by the rise of the internet. Through online jobs, profiting a great amount of money is achieved through a variety of mediums. Career-oriented slash […]