February 25, 2018
Hiring A Virtual Assistant

Hiring A Virtual Assistant: Three Groundwork Practices In Hiring And Training Your Potential VA

Hiring a virtual assistant can be very beneficial to you and your business. Virtual assistants efficiently work with the assigned tasks. Simultaneously, you can focus on other significant factors for the growth of the business. Plus, you can even save the provision of office employee benefits such as regulatory and tax consequences, medical and dental plans, and further comprehensive benefits. […]
February 20, 2018
Language-Independent Tasks For Overseas Virtual Assistants 1

What Are The Language-Independent Tasks For Overseas Virtual Assistants?

Employing overseas virtual assistants in outsourcing specific tasks had negative feedbacks recently. Many have said that local virtual assistants don’t even assure quality services, how much more with overseas ones. It even requires high costs and if low-cost overseas virtual assistant services are found. They just serve low-quality and valueless content, graphics or any other services they offer. However, the […]
October 22, 2015
Things to Consider Before Hiring a Virtual Assistant

3 Things to Consider Before Hiring a Virtual Assistant

A Virtual Assistant is exactly what it sounds like, someone who assists you through virtual means like on Skype, Facebook, and etc. Apparently, this is a thing, and a popular one at that. Many employers have praised and expressed their delight and productivity in working with VA (Virtual Assistants). Authors in the likes of Tim Ferris and Chris Ducker are […]