Core Values

Aside from the competency and the enthusiasm, Virtual F1 acquires these following core values that are flourished from our vision and mission and operate as guidelines for our services.

1. Honesty

Virtual F1 highly values honesty in our institute. For Virtual F1, honesty is the foundation of prosperity and quality of service. Hence, we constantly highlight and maintain the sense of trust in both the company and the community.

2. Integrity

Every piece of our work and service is fortified with moral uprightness. Integrity is the heart of all appropriate virtues inside the realm of employment. We instigate actions that are based on morality and principles despite the correlated unfavorable consequences since the clients’ welfare is our monumental consideration.

3. Loyalty

Virtual F1 is not just simply a co-working space of hardworking independent freelancers. The workers of Virtual F1 regard one another as a family. A family that stays together through thick and thin. For Virtual F1, loyalty is everything among the co-workers and also to their clients.

4. Humility

Virtual F1 does not just strongly strive for humility, we consistently demonstrate it within the workplace. Howbeit, humility does not diminish the quality of our work and degrades us to a lower stature. We procure the absence of self-importance and the presence of compassion to others―the co-workers and the clients.

5. Respect

Diversity is not a thing within Virtual F1. We earnestly display mutual respect among our fellow workers and clients. Our team believes that respect begets respect plus excellence in service.

6. Commitment

Everyone exhibits every means of commitment. Our hearts are invested in professionalism, customer satisfaction, teamwork, strong motivation, and dedication to any accumulated tasks.