Solopreneurs And Virtual Assistants In Action
Solopreneurs And Virtual Assistants In Action
February 4, 2018
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February 25, 2018
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What Are The Language-Independent Tasks For Overseas Virtual Assistants?

Language-Independent Tasks For Overseas Virtual Assistants 1

Employing overseas virtual assistants in outsourcing specific tasks had negative feedbacks recently. Many have said that local virtual assistants don’t even assure quality services, how much more with overseas ones. It even requires high costs and if low-cost overseas virtual assistant services are found. They just serve low-quality and valueless content, graphics or any other services they offer.

However, the medium of thoroughly finding an appropriate overseas virtual assistants can actually assure a high-quality and cost-effective service. It just takes a deliberated search and willingness to take risks and unfurl new opportunities in allocating them particular tasks.

Regardless of the language barrier, there are numerous tasks that do not highly necessitate an English or a specific language fluency. Some of these tasks include the following:

1. Raw or hand coding

Raw or hand coding generally refers to direct writing HTML, Javascript, or cascading style sheets (CSS) documents for the web or writing a program or a portion in assembly language rather than in a higher level language. The fluency in English is not a significant matter for this because they only produce website modification codes, plugins, or landing pages. With its multi-language accessibility, an overseas coder can efficiently work on this task.

2. Scripted live chat

Live chat agents do not necessarily need to fully understand every feature of the business. They simply sit around while facing the computer and be available if a customer poses relevant questions through live chat or website. These type of virtual assistants answer and address the question with a script that contains basic and helpful information on hand provided by the company.

This duty is mostly suitable for overseas live chat agents because they can work in altering hours. For instance, the standard time for business hours in their country can be the sleeping hours of the clients’ or they are available in working at late nights after the standard business hours. In this way, they can efficiently work and attend to the customers’ needs and queries at any time.

3. Automatic leads

Instead of time-consuming manual lead to contact messages, an overseas virtual assistant can efficiently and instantly search in the contact forms before sending a follow-up note to the most auspicious leads. By this means, the lead discovery can be innovatively expanded.

4. Graphic design

An overseas virtual assistant who specializes in graphic designing may offer quality and low-cost services to their clients. As you send the initial data and information, the virtual assistant will creatively and graphically assemble it together.

Just like content, graphics and images are also the life of any websites. One should find and hire a creative overseas graphic designer that uses updated tools. And is also equipped with the modern designs to provide beautification in the website or the company’s overall infographics.

5. Social media account management

An overseas virtual assistant that act as social media account managers can constitute a prolific company. For example, entrepreneurs who are busy with the core tasks of the business cannot handle the comments, suggestions, and queries of the online customers and gather analytics data. By this means, overseas virtual assistants can come to action and provide help to both international and local customers. As they create compelling contents for the social media accounts, they can also gather basic analytics data, use it, and devise new plans.

6. Blogging

Hiring an overseas virtual assistant to effectively manage your blog can be a great help for the quality of the company’s services. Blogging includes a myriad of tasks such as updating latest contents of news, information, and services of the business. It also involves updated software and graphics or images.

Handing over specific tasks to overseas virtual assistants do not ensure a trouble-free workflow. The trust is lessened and the miscommunication due to the difference in cultures may potentially occur. However, an entrepreneur who is willing and open-minded to experiment and discover newly enthralling services can engage with overseas virtual assistants effectively. Getting out the comfort zone or working solely with local virtual assistants may open new opportunities and grants.

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