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October 22, 2015
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Resume Keywords: What To Avoid

Resume Keywords

If you have been familiar with the ins and outs of Online work as a Virtual Assistant or otherwise, then you probably know where this article is going. And if not then it may be worth your time to find out.

The internet revolutionized how we work and how a career can be made. The competition among companies in all sizes is to provide their employees with the best offer, while employees (like you and me) will want to grab the best offer through providing the best of our talents. The competition then among us is through utilizing what we know in the best and most creative way that the company who hired us will benefit the most. That how it should work. But the sheer number of people applying for online jobs is so large, and all of us know that we need to stand out so our talent written on our resumes will be given a chance to be used. Well folks, here’s how we DONT stand out in the WRONG way.

Standing out in the wrong way is like being in a Nationally Televised spelling bee. You are asked to spell the word “Resume” and you end up misspelling it on live TV. You don’t look very professional and some people might take you for an idiot. Now what we all need to understand is that making a resume online is the same as making a resume in real life. The only difference is the platform in which it is being searched.

Searched? Yes, that’s correct. Every day both in real life and on the internet companies are constantly looking for people to hire. It could be the flyer and a phone call but on the internet, it’s Keyword search.

CEO of Jobdiva, Diya Obeid shared her sentiments. She emphasized that composing a good and detailed resume that can stand out in the eyes of a keyword search is vital in attracting the interests of companies searching for someone like you. Keyword searches apparently do not only apply to websites and marketing, but it will also apply to your resume and how you market yourself as a Virtual Assistant.

Lucky for us, CEO Diya Obeid has also shared a few keywords that she suggests we should avoid in creating our Resume. Now, these keywords may not exactly be taboo. But be reminded to only use these if you are a hundred percent certain that you can back it up. Remember we want our resumes to show the best of our talents without overestimating ourselves. Knowing our own limits is one of the first steps in developing ourselves.

Keywords to avoid:

1. Best of breed

2. Go-getter

3. Think outside of the box

4. Synergy

5. Go-to person

6. Thought leadership

7. Value-add

8. Results-driven

9. Team player

10. Bottom-line

11. Hard worker

12. Strategic thinker

13. Dynamic

14. Self-motivated

15. Detail-oriented

16. Proactively

17. Track record

Good luck and may the odds be ever in your favor.


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