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Tips On How to Type Faster

how to type faster

If you are planning to start working online especially as a Virtual Assistant or a Content Creator, it is an added skill if you can type fast. Typing fast means you get to finish your job faster compared to people who have an average or below average word per second rate. Although it is not a requirement for most online jobs, typing fast can really be a great asset to you. Not just for work, but even when you communicate with your friends and family as well. In the bottom are tips to help you practice typing, although personally, I learned how to type fast by just practicing all the time and ended up memorizing the keyboard so well to the extent that I can type with my eyes closed. But the problem is that I did not memorize some of the keys per finger, so as you can expect it’s not really the most efficient way to type. So in this article, I will help you how to type faster by giving tips for efficient learning and execution. Please remember that honing skills require time and effort so please do not rush yourself.

Each finger has designated keys

This is the first thing you need to know and memorize. For example, both of your thumbs’ designated key is the space bar. Or that your left pointing finger’s designated keys are $,4, R,F,V,%,5,T,G,B. Here is an illustration:

type faster 1


The next thing you need to know is – Your Fingers must have a Starting Position

The starting position is not random. Uniformly, (Left hand) pinky on A, ring finger on S, middle finger on D, and pointing finger on F. Similarly on the right hand, pinky on :, ring finger on L, middle finger on K and pointing finger on J. Always start there and just move your fingers to reach the other keys. So along with knowing the starting position and the keys in each finger, then you will see that there is a pattern in this strategy.  Pointing finger starting on F can reach R, 4, $ and V easily.

Download Typing Software

The kind of typing software you should download is a software that will help you type fast. Personally, I use Typing Master, but there are many online that you can choose from depending on your liking. These software’s will teach you the intricacies of how to type fast in details and even calculate your results via measuring your accuracy and speed.

Please take note that when practicing with or without a software, you must first focus on your accuracy. Typing very fast is irrelevant if each word your time or one word in every three are typos. So start with being accurate in the keys you will press. Be patient and try to memorize. Once you have then it will be easier for you to shift to practicing your speed for typing- which is our main goal. Am I right?

You may also buy hardware to help you

A color-coded keyboard that will highlight the designated keys on each finger with each different color may also help you memorize the keyboard without looking at it directly. Your peripheral vision will do it for you. Here is an example of a color-coded keyboard designed to help those who want to learn how to type fast.

how to type fasterAnd lastly, the greatest key to learning how to type fast – Practice

 Remember these tips and apply them. Keep practicing it and you will be able to achieve your goals. You can either use software to track your progress in your speed and accuracy or you can apply these tips in simple conversations with friends or family. Remember that on the road to achieving something is not easy and it might take a while. But that is okay and that is normal. Be patient with yourself and just keep practicing.

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