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13 Services That Virtual Assistants Offer And Solopreneurs Reap Benefits From

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Most solopreneurs who are tracing the development of the business in a fast-paced manner experiences the sensation of being overworked. This negatively results in the idea that work-life balance is only a fantasy. However, this misconception can be finally eradicated because virtual assistants are now here to help. Virtual assistants can not only help in handling the work piling up in a solopreneur’s inbox, they can also provide great advantages to the growth of the business.

As a corollary, the excessive hours spent by a workaholic solopreneur can be positively reduced and his/her personal life will greatly be maximized. Virtual assistants assure a solopreneur’s calendar filled with overflowing and strenuous tasks minimized.

To provide further information, here are some 13 services offered by virtual assistants as they are greatly used and taken advantage by solopreneurs who generally lacks time.

1. Virtual assistants offer customer services.

Situation: A solopreneur needs to give sufficient attention to every customer.

Customers are the paramount necessity of a successful business, that is why they should be provided with every attention they need. Good thing, a virtual assistant can offer a myriad of customer services that may range from handling phone calls up to wait-time management. They answer and receive calls from the potential customers and come to grips with their concerns and queries. It is crucial that the VA understands and implements the terms and metric goals of the company. They add value to the business’ customer service goals that constitute to an excellent service and attracts further customers.

2. Virtual assistants are appointment-setters.

Situation: A solopreneur needs to confirm every appointment.

Virtual assistants set up and arrange the appointments of the solopreneur they serve ahead and remind them appropriately. Moreover, VAs call the appointments and notes to verify confirmation of the meeting and reschedule if any inconvenience of both the solopreneur and the other parties occur. Furthermore, if a mutually accessible calendar program is used, VAs attentively update their client’s calendar online.

3. Virtual assistants can be helpful marketers.

Situation: A solopreneur needs to prepare a marketing plan with enough information.

A virtual assistant contacts potential advertising outlets that can be found in the Internet, newspapers, magazines, and more. From these resources, they gather information about the pricing, publishing dates and deadlines, and payment policies, etc. All of these accumulated bits of information are collated into a report for the client to review and decide on a final marketing plan.

4. Virtual assistants are verifiers.

Situation: A solopreneur needs to produce a direct mailing with a verified database.

By simply sending them the sufficient and needed data, a virtual assistant contacts each name and verifies this with the correct spelling, title, and address. They also ensure that every inaccuracy is rectified, old and irrelevant names are deleted, and the new ones are added. The amended database is instantly handed back to the solopreneur by way of an email attachment.

5. Virtual assistants are transcribers.

Situation: A solopreneur needs a telephone conversation or any dictated mediums to be recorded and transcribed.

A virtual assistant can efficiently do transcription if they acquire skills of fast typing and good listening. The VA carefully listens to a recording of the telephone conversation or dictated letters, reports, notes, or memos and transcribes everything into a document. After the completion, the document or the written record is submitted to the solopreneur.

6. Virtual assistants are advertising tools makers.

Situation: A solopreneur needs to create business cards, leaflets, brochures, or any other informational printed sheet of paper that advertises an event or product.

With the reference of the solopreneur’s artwork, design, stock art, or any other basis, a virtual assistant can outline, design, type, and print the advertising material for the business to compel more potential customers. Also, a VA can make these advertising tools to be printed by a professional print shop after completing the softcopy of the material and sending it via email.

7. Virtual assistants can be ghostwriters for the business blog.

Situation: A solopreneur needs to update his/her time regularly.

A paramount requirement to keep a blog alive is posting regular up-to-date information and stories. A virtual assistant can efficiently wrap this up. They can act as ghostwriters that write contents for the solopreneur’s business blog. Prior to posting, a VA sends brief ideas, links, or even a complete article to the solopreneur before reading and proofreading it. This saves time and effort because reading is a lot easier than actually composing.

8. Virtual assistant are web designers and developers.

Situation: A solopreneur needs to create a website and update it regularly.

Whether a website to be set up is on a directory site or uses a web-hosting service, a virtual assistant can either create a custom site or adopt a template. By adding and posting current informational and persuasive articles, this website can be updated regularly by virtual assistants. It should be kept in mind that the primary duties of the VA are the maintenance, deep understanding of user interface (UI) and programming language, security principles implementation, and more.

9. Virtual assistants are book publishing aides.

Situation: A solopreneur wants to write a book but his/her time is not enough to get organized.

A virtual assistant may help a solopreneur slash aspiring book writer to be well-organized in composing a book. The VA may compile drafts, fragments, inspiring quotes, excerpts, letters, and much more components that may constitute the successful book launching. Then, after submitting every research, the solopreneur reviews all of it and edits every little thing before actually beginning the book format process. The solopreneur can also allocate specific and relevant questions that the VA will answer via thorough research.

10. Virtual assistants are email managers.

Situation: A solopreneur needs to regularly manage the email and address important messages from customers.

A virtual assistant can greatly help in keeping up the company’s email or the personal email of the solopreneur to attend and respond to significant messages from the customer’s concerns, feedbacks, invitations, routine requests, etc. The VA can also retrieve the email, sorts, and forwards important details to the solopreneur via email.

11. A virtual assistant can be trustworthy caretakers.

Situation: The solopreneur needs to respond to email, phone calls and texts from clients but he/she is on a vacation.

Of course, a vacation is a de-stress moment where one loosens up from the stresses of the business. However, a solopreneur can’t achieve this favorability if he/she does not have someone who can aid in handling the business tasks. With a virtual assistant, he/she answers the important messages via email, phone calls and texts. Then, the VA can inform the solopreneur either urgently or after the vacation is completed, depending on the solopreneur’s condition.

12. Virtual assistants offer bill-paying services.

Situation: A solopreneur needs bill paying services off-site.

After all the bills are mailed to a post office box near the VA’s location, the virtual assistant may set up a checking account with payment authorization for both the solopreneur and himself/herself. Subsequently, the VA will provide a notification about the amount of money to be deposited into the account during the preparation of the payment before the actual payment. On the other hand, an online bill payment services are also available if it is offered by the affiliated bank. Moreover, a VA can install a desktop electronic billing system. This system is used to help the VA for the daily electronic billing or accounting services.

13. Virtual assistants can be advertisement managers.

Situation: A solopreneur wants to execute an advertising plan or promo.

Advertising materials and mediums and promos compel further potential customers. A virtual assistant can help the business grow by monitoring the advertising plan, submitting advertisements in deadlines, trace the expiration dates, organize payments, manage the exchanging communication with the advertising vendors, and update the advertising report and the budget for the solopreneur’s review in a regular basis.

Handling the business single-handedly can’t always guarantee successfulness because a developing business is generally allocated with overflowing tasks. Hence, a virtual assistant is certainly an effective partner to raise the business up. Solopreneurs delegate the tasks to people who are greater experts on that field and can do a specific work that a solopreneur don’t have time to do, don’t know what to exactly do, or just plainly uninterested to do.

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