in the most humble beginning, I started from scratch. Before setting foot in the virtual world, I used to work as a secretary in the private sector. While working in that system, I knew in the hollowest part of my being that it wasn’t for me. I didn’t have my heart in it. However, I had to conceal that feeling with me because I had a family to feed.

Time passed by and I finally patched up the right amount of courage to leave that kind of living. After that, I didn’t know where to go and where to start. All I knew is that I have to urgently make money, but how and where? I had no inch of an idea.

In the fluke of time, I was introduced to the realm of virtual services by an acquaintance back in 2008. I started as a ghostwriter. After landing a few article writing gigs, I also landed a data entry job. For a not-so-tech-savvy like me, it was simple, just perfect for my limited computer literacy skills. As clocks turned and time changes, I would be lying if I say that data entry didn’t bore me. The feeling of the need to challenge me inflicted on me and not to mention my dream which I had mentioned earlier.

With the help of my competitive and determined disposition, I didn’t settle in that one simple task. I studied what are the other opportunities available in the realm of virtual assistance, attended other helpful boot camps, and learned from my inspirational and good-natured friends who are in the business. Until then, all the hard work were paid off.

Fast forward, in 2014 I met one of the most inspiring personalities in the VA world I have ever known, Regina Evangelista. After learning her story as a successful woman of virtual assistance, I was undeniably exhilarated and driven. I remembered how I wanted to be the kind of woman like her, so I attended one of her organized boot camps held in Davao City. It made me realize that I want such too: the boot camps and the virtual assistant training and coworking space in my hometown, Digos since nobody has ventured into this business, I wanted to give it a try.

That inspiration paved my way to the virtual business world. The year 2015 came to me like a wishing star that made my prayers come true. I found my way to a great and generous client. Since his growing company needs more people to help him in the journey, I’ve introduced him to some of my trusted and smart friends. We started with four people working in our small-sized house before our number became bigger in the passing time. Our all-women team is called CADI babes.

On January 18, 2015, I officially opened my own coworking space. As the first virtual assistant service to open in Digos City, I called it Virtual F1 Coworking Space. Together with my hardworking team, we conducted boot camps for those who want to invest their time and profit in virtual assistance every month. Did I just make my wish come true? Definitely, yes!

With all these favorable outcomes of opening my own co-working space, Don didn’t leave me because I always made sure to center his tasks amidst my immersed daily basis. As a result, he introduced me to another client in the year 2017. Don had the same heart as me because he wanted me to grow professionally and abundantly.

The first year with this client ran smoothly. Like Don, I also had to hire new people because his small company was starting to grow big too. Luckily, I was with this on his successful journey in his blooming company. We grew in numbers as we faced the coming years with professional teamwork and diligence. The ride was fun. The bigger the team is, the more successes ahead in our way, and the more happy bonds that I make with co-workers whom I have embraced as my own family. We celebrated jovial events to make our strings firm such as team building, conducted constant meetings and counseling, and shared both laughter and tears.

Howbeit, I forehanded knew that achievements may come with failures and disappointments, and I wasn’t wrong with that. My team and I did all that we can do to save the company as well as our flourishing friendship. When there were personal issues, colleague quarrels, and some unheard complaints to the superiors, everyone did their best to settle all these matters. But then again, when you gain some things, you may lose them too.

Heartbreakingly, a year of working with this client didn’t go in the way I wish it would be. Speaking without hypocrisy, it left me devastated and hopeless. I lost friends that I have outpoured my immense trust to, I lost a client and company that I diligently protected for an enduring year and I lost all the essence of optimism and trust within me and my endowment to run a business. I lost a family inside a co-working place that I have fervently built.

The impact was life-altering. I’ve questioned my worth a thousand times and thought about giving it all up. But the best thing I have ever made in my life was… I never did. In those years, I understood life deeper than I had. Humans fall but they rise again. They fall again and again. For countless times, they will always fall.

In these years, I hardly learned that the decision to rise again will always depend on you. Others may be there with you when your sun starts to rise but no one can rise it for you. It’s your battle and the ultimate goal will always be victory. You need to shine again regardless of how gloomy life has molded you and remember, if you are going through something excruciating right now, the beauty of pain comes right after you have conquered all of it.

My life may be a drama and people may poke fun at me as if I was made for their entertainment. But the ups and downs had molded me into the best version of myself that I am today. I can preen that I have put my pieces back so beautifully that I can’t help but thank all of the people who heartlessly tore me.

Happiest to say, success hasn’t closed its doors for me because currently, I am enjoying numerous blessings: my strong and continued business relationship with Don, the blessing of working with other great clients, since the enlightening year of 2018, and most of all, I am beyond happy to welcome the year 2020 while celebrating the strongest and happiest 5th year of Virtual F1.

Together with these magnificent clients, my supportive family, and the real friends that stayed with me and trusted me through the tough times, I am ready to face another challenging year and the years to come. I am more than determined to flourish the business that I have fervently built and protected over the five edifying years.