Hiring a virtual assistant can be very beneficial to you and your business. Virtual assistants efficiently work with the assigned tasks. Simultaneously, you can focus on other significant factors for the growth of the business. Plus, you can even save the provision of office employee benefits such as regulatory and tax consequences, medical and dental plans, and further comprehensive benefits. And the best thing about hiring a VA is working and communicating with him or her anywhere in the world. Whether you’re working on your office desk or cozily sitting on your couch.

These accessibilities require communication protocols and significant processes. These should be set up from the very beginning so that opportunities are unfurled and expanded in this unusual but efficient working environment.

However, there are some overriding steps to consider in hiring a potential VA. It is important to be familiar not just with the VA’s proficiency. But also with his or her personality and attitude in handling different tasks and stresses.

To provide significant insights, here are three simple ways to carefully consider in hiring and training a virtual assistant.

1. Ask complicated questions.

Asking complicated questions with complicated verbosity. It will help you to identify if the VA applicant has a deep understanding of English. The potential VA must acquire English proficiency. English is the universal medium used online. Especially if English is not the mother-tongue or first language of the potential VA.

After the phone or video interview, as the employer, email him/her with 10 or more questions. These questions should be based on factors that he/she might deal with on a regular basis and study the response. The content of the answers can be regardless because what matters most is the proficiency and the appropriate use of English.

2. Create a training manual.

A comprehensive training or operations manual can help in finding the potential VA to do the work. Creating a VA document through a shared format online such as Google Docs will likely help. The recognition of having a competent VA can create the foundation of the training manual amid of his/her learning process. With this, you’ll be able to save your time efficiently. Always encourage your potential VA to document every learning.

3. Cutout control faster.

The distance and the indirect relationship between you and the VA may take a prolonged period to eventually established trust and relationship. As a corollary, more control may take place in passing the responsibilities to the VA. However, it is both parties’ obligation to achieve the appropriate relationship after a month or more of collaboration. In this way, you get the time to focus on the core responsibilities and growth functions of the business. This lessens the control because you have actually established and trained a VA that has good performance in executing every allocated task.

These approaches can be practiced because they may triple the efficiency of the business and ameliorate its growth in the proceeding years. It is crucial to establish a good working relationship and a comfortable ambiance with the VA.