Skills Do You Need To Become A Virtual Assistant
What Skills Do You Need To Become A Virtual Assistant?
January 19, 2018
Solopreneurs And Virtual Assistants In Action
Solopreneurs And Virtual Assistants In Action
February 4, 2018
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10 Online Careers That Require The Least Startup Capital

Online Careers That Require The Least Startup Capital

As long as Wi-Fi is available, several online careers are also accessible. These online careers can be commenced with simple strategies and much less startup capital.

To provide information, these are some 10 online careers that require the least startup capital that you can even start today.

1. Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistants perform a wide variety of tasks. As a VA, one can offer a specific service depending on his/her skills, background training, and experience. Particularly, their common tasks include making phone calls, email correspondence, internet research, customer service, and more.

A good start may include having a single client until it gradually begins to take on more clients. With the specialty of a specific area associated with orderliness, time management skills, as well as good communication skills, one can efficiently start as a virtual assistant.

2. Business coach

Being an expert in a particular field is invariably an advantage. It can be lucrative if you leverage this expertise through utilizing and teaching it to foreign or local students through online.

Considerably, business coaches can commence with coaching training and set up the business. Furthermore, they prepare the needed materials, build a website, and create a marketing plan before actuating it. Relatively, these means can be optional.

3. Freelance content creator

Freelance content creators are optimally essential in every business. Their main purpose in writing is a great form of marketing. Their persuasive, interesting, and helpful information attracts attention from readers and potential customers.

Excellent and skilled writers that produce compelling content are highly-demanding nowadays. In addition to that, freelance content creators can write for a number of different clients or publications at one time.

4. eBay store owner

With an eBay store, the business can be maximized by displaying all customized listings in any preferred format. An eBay store owner may start from meeting the seller requirements, subscribing to eBay stores, and setting up and designing a personalized eBay store.

5. T-shirt e-commerce store owner

T-shirts are not only a classic piece of casual wear. These are the blank canvas for artists and entrepreneurs at the same time. In fact, t-shirts are one of the hottest items in the Internet marketplace today. The t-shirts do not necessitate to be high-class or branded. As long as the designs adjudge to what’s hot or popular, marketing it online can lure the people to purchase it.

However, t-shirt online business does not solely matter on the design, but it greatly considers the quality of the print and the quality of the t-shirt’s fabric. Moreover, the reliability and the proof of legitimacy is crucial to be established so that customers can trust your service and your business.

6. Consultant

Making money out of skills or relevant experiences in a certain trade is truly possible. To begin, it can be either signing up with a third party service or create a customized profile on the website.

People are always in need of experts that they can truly reap benefits from. However, everyone seems to be a consultant nowadays, that’s why it is not enough to mediocrely provide value and deliver results. It is hence crucial to provide remarkable services and standout from the rest.

7. Affiliate marketer

Merchants pay affiliate marketers for their efforts in referring new business to their website. Hence, it is a performance-based salary. Promotional efforts are done through posting it on the merchant’s website, personal blog, or across social media.

8. Social-media influencer

So-called “famous” people in social media can actually gain profit. They can actually convert products into revenue from their media followers and fans. This is done through posting and promoting a brand or product to their social audience.

Social media influencers can be Youtube users, bloggers, celebrities, industry experts, and so on. They collaborate with businesses to create campaigns that ameliorate the brand awareness. Also, they drive the sales as they create a value-added content about a product,  post product reviews, promos, and personal stories; and influence by sharing the content.

9. Vlogger

Vlogger or video bloggers create interesting concepts or stories that are applicable and appealing to the audience. A unique angle is crucial to provide a unique selling point for the product. If you want to engage with this particular job, using social media strategically is a vital tool. Furthermore, the video must be in high-quality content because it prompts more authenticity to the audience.

10. Graphic designer/web developer

Graphic designers and web developers create the overall layout visual aspects of a website, but of course, with the careful consideration of the customer’s preferences. This job immensely necessitates the ability to express creative ideas.

Associated with the heart of determination and perseverance, as well as the mind of proficiency and knowledge, you can immediately engage with a specific online career in the above mentioned. These freelance online jobs are truly convenient, comfortable, and lucrative at the same time. One can control the hours to spend in work and one can efficiently choose what kind of work to take on.

It is a total win-win situation. You are able to help others while you end up tracking the career you love and reap monetary benefits from it. However, it may require the appropriate attitude and skills to be a good and trustworthy freelancer. Before engaging in these careers, you must first engage yourself with the right character.

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