Virtual F1 means virtual help. A small business process outsourcing in the Philippines based in Digos City that aims to help clients from all over the world virtually. Owned and managed by a professional virtual assistant for 10 years already.

Our Mission

1. To help business owners or solopreneurs experience freedom and flexibility with their business by the help of premier virtual solutions and outsourcing.

2. To help aspiring virtual assistants build their online portfolio, land legit online jobs and run their own VA business by the help of advanced virtual assistance training.

3. To provide friendly co-working space to local independent freelancers, small business owners, fellow virtual assistants to work comfortably with fast internet connection, work-friendly environment.


Virtual Assistant Training Camp

Why Become a Virtual Assistant?

It has been a long time in the present days when these busy businessmen manage their dealings through their reliable and hard-working administrative workers. These minute clusters of individuals have been rendering ease of tasks, management of conferences and business pointers to the workaholic businessmen. Becoming a virtual assistant is a sort of doing secretarial responsibilities. Read more>>>

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Why Hire a Virtual Assistant?

The growing trend of outsourced workers has probably been noticeable throughout many businesses today. It has gone out of the streams for routine way of employing and making these virtual assistants toil in a company through the trust affiliation. As contrasted to outsourcing which involves entrusting the business dealings and contact on the process with the external agency. Read more>>>

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coworking space

Why Cowork With Us?

Coworking is working in a shared office where your coworkers are also freelancers or business owners.  Coworking space is way better than internet shops or coffee shops today.

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Training, Workshops & Events

Virtual F1 regularly holds a monthly series of VA Starter Camp, an introductory course for aspiring VAs and VA related workshops.

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Get advanced knowledge with monthly bootcamps, workshops & events.

Upcoming Events

13th VA Starter Camp IG
10-Day Premium VA Training Program 2

Recent News

August 13, 2016
Virtual Assistant Tips

Tips on How to Type Faster

If you are planning to start working online especially as a Virtual Assistant or a Content Creator, it is an added skill if you can type fast. Typing fast means you get to finish your job faster compared to people who have an average or below average word per second rate. Although it is not a requirement to most online […]
July 12, 2016

Resume Keywords: What To Avoid

If you have been familiar with the ins and outs of Online work as a Virtual Assistant or otherwise, then you probably know where this article is going. And if not then it may be worth your time to find out. The internet revolutionized how we work and how a career can be made. The competition among companies in all […]

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